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  • Industry
    • Blue Star
    • BOC Distribution Ltd
    • British Aerospace Plc
    • Chevron Petroleum Ltd
    • Crane Fruehauf Ltd
    • Dow Chemical Inc
    • Dyno Nobel Inc
    • Escor Group
    • Hewlett Packard
    • ICI Plc
    • ICL (UK) Ltd
    • Indian Oil
    • Makhteshim Agan Australasia
    • Pacific Petroleum Products
    • Philips International BV
    • Pirelli General Plc
    • Wesfarmers Ltd
    • Yakka
    • + 100's of small/medium companies
  • Banking/Insurance
    • Allco Finance Group
    • Alliance & Leicester
    • Allied Irish Bank
    • Anglia Building Society
    • AXA Australia & New Zealand
    • Babcock & Brown
    • Banco Santander
    • Bank of Ireland
    • The Bank of New Zealand
    • Bank of Western Australia
    • The Clydesdale Bank
    • Co-operative Bank
    • Escor
    • Esanda Finance
    • The GPT Group
    • Halifax Plc
    • Lloyds Bank Insurance
    • National Australia Bank
    • Midland Bank
    • Morgan Grenfell
    • Steadfast Group
    • State Trustees
    • The Stock Exchange
    • Telstra Country Wide
    • Western Reefs Insurance Group
  • Utilities
    • Ergon Energy Corporation
    • Guernsey Telecoms
    • Midland Electricity
    • Northumbria Water
    • Post Office Counters
    • Royal Mail
    • Scottish Electricity
    • Southern Water
    • South East Water
    • States Electricity
    • ZESCO
  • National Government
    • Borneo Development Corporation
    • Fire Authority for Northern Ireland
    • Ministry of Defence
    • Royal Military College of Science
    • Royal Naval Aircraft Workshops
    • Scottish Development Agency
    • Scottish Milk Marketing Board
    • The Audit Commission
  • Local Government
    • Barnsley District General Hospital
    • Chester City
    • Devon Highways
    • Greater Manchester Waste Authority
    • Local Government Training Board
    • Port of Sunderland
    • Portsmouth City
    • Southport NHS
    • Stratford On Avon DC
    • Tayside Enterprise Board
    • Waltham Forest Leisure Services
    • Westminster City Hall
  • Education
    • Australian Council for Education Research (ACER)
    • California University
    • Campion Education
    • Department of Business, Leeds
    • Derbyshire College of Higher Education
    • Eastleigh College of Further Education
    • IBT Education
    • Pope John XXIII College
    • Portsmouth Polytechnic
  • Health
    • DCA Group
  • Retail
    • B & Q Ltd
    • Fantastic Group
    • F W Woolworths
    • Marks & Spencer
    • Mothercare UK Ltd
    • RCR International
    • Reece Australia
    • Ruralco Holdings
    • Snap On tools
    • Tesco Stores Ltd
    • The Littlewoods Organisation
    • Upstream Technology Pty
    • Yakka
  • Service
    • Aurora Group Pty
    • Beacon Business Directions
    • The British Museum
    • Catholic Care of the Aged
    • CEED
    • DCA Group
    • DHL International
    • EBS
    • eknowhow
    • Group 4 Securitas
    • I Wallace & Associates
    • Logica International
    • McGrathNicol & Partners
    • Minter Ellison Lawyers
    • Post Office Counters
    • Risk & project Management
    • Sydney Opera House
    • Synergy
  • Manufacturing
    • Albright & Wilson (Australia)
    • Australian Bricks
    • Infratec International Pty
    • Makhteshim Agan Australasia
    • Merino Pty
    • Tuscan Corporation
  • Farming & Agriculture
    • NSW Farmers Association
    • GrainCorp Operations
    • Forest Products Commission of Western Australia
    • Timbercorp
  • Construction
    • Alfred McAlpine
    • Balfour Beatty Ltd
    • Brickworks
    • Jaxton Construction Pty
    • Kingston Property Construction
  • Media / Communications
    • BBC Cymru
    • eknowhow
    • Instinet
    • Mercury Communications
    • Reuters Ltd
    • The Financial Times
  • Food & Beverages
    • Allied Mills Pty
    • Australian Food Corporation
    • Beringer Blass Wine Estates
    • Growcom
    • Ruralco Holdings
    • Simplot Australia
    • Wingara Wine Group
  • Oil, Gas & Energy
    • Delhi Petroleum Pty
    • Ergon Energy Corporation
    • Pacific Petroleum Products
    • Woodside Energy
  • Mining
    • Iluka Resources
    • Zinifex
  • Transport
    • Christian Salvesen
    • Sealink
    • United Transport International
    • Westlink Logistics

Our Clients

What our clients say...

Customer satisfaction is the thread that runs throughout The Argenti System's forty year pedigree:


“The growth (of Wesfarmers), however, was not haphazard. In addition to introducing a new financial reporting system, Eastwood wanted to introduce a more rigorous and effective planning system. He did so – the Argenti Planning System, which has often been spoken of in the same breath as Wesfarmers success and held up as the Holy Grail”

Extract from the book “CEO, The Chairman and the Board” written by Trevor Eastwood, ex Chairman of Wesfarmers.

Wesfarmers has grown into one of Australia's largest listed companies and employers. Its diverse business operations cover: supermarkets, department stores, home improvement and office supplies; coal mining; energy; insurance; chemicals and fertilisers; and industrial and safety products.


"The Argenti system forced us to get crystal clear on where we wanted to get to and the key planks for getting there. The process generated buy-in from those who then needed to do the heavy lifting in delivering. The focus we generated in 2005 using the Argenti system was a significant enabler of our quality improvements and growth in revenues and profits in 2006, 2007 and 2008."

— CEO, Minter Ellison


Extract from an email dated 20th December 2007 to John Argenti from the CEO of an NPO; "thank you for your brilliant strategic management system – and to wish you a happy and healthy new year."

— Pegler Yorkshire Fittings Ltd, (a UK subsidiary of Aalberts Industries NV)

"We needed to develop a clear strategy for the future. Most importantly, we needed a process that would involve the directors and senior managers. The strategy needed their input and they needed to be part of the process. We needed to get this straight within the next 6 to 7 months."

— Mike Saunders, Group Managing Director of Pegler Yorkshire

"The main attraction was Argenti enabled the directors to think and talk strategy in a structured manner. It also involved our top 25 managers from across the business, which was extremely useful. We now have a clear and shared view of the future and an implementation programme that is practical and realistic. The Argenti process helped us to keep our feet on the ground and focus on the key issues."

— Roger Ablett, Development Director for Pegler Yorkshire


Simplot Australia had developed a strategic planning process and had used it successfully for several years, resulting in significant change of direction for the company. Despite this success we felt the need for a process that might produce a sharper, more focused result. The earlier strategy was a little too complex and somewhat difficult to communicate widely in the company. We used the Argenti approach to refresh and validate the strategies. Using a more focused and defined process resulted in an improved and sharper set of strategies. While the Argenti System is very logical and disciplined, it can be effectively adapted to the specific needs of each company, provided key concepts are thoroughly accepted. These include the concepts of focus (the rule of only six strategic elephants) and placing emphasis on getting relevant evidence for the SWOTS. This produces a more focused strategy that is easier to communicate and execute.

— Mike Reed, Chief Strategy Officer for Simplot Australia


In 2004 Michael Chaney, Australia's most admired CEO for each of the last three years, said that his company, Wesfarmers, now one of the nations top companies, has shown a thirty percent return to shareholders on average every year since 1984 when he started using The Argenti System. "It undoubtedly played a major role".

Earlier he had explained: "Wesfarmers started using the Argenti System at a group level and in its subsidiaries after the company went public in 1984. Since that time Wesfarmers has been one of the top performers in the Australian Stock Exchange and I am firmly of the view that the Argenti Planning System has played a key role in that result. I have also been involved in implementing the System in half a dozen not-for-profit organisations with equal success.

I think the most powerful aspects of the System are its logical, structured approach to planning and the way it clearly defines such things as objectives, strategies, strengths and opportunities; things which often get confused in planning exercises. This leads participants in this planning process to think logically about issues and to develop appropriate strategies for going forward. In addition, by bringing a number of levels of management into the planning system, the process fosters a real sense of ownership and has a highly positive effect on morale."

— Michael Chaney, Wesfarmer’s ex CEO, now Chairman of National Australia Bank where The Argenti System is also in use.


An explosives company called Dyno in Sydney bought The Argenti System in June 1999. Dyno Nobel in Salt Lake City, USA, bought it in July. In August Dyno Explosives in Oslo bought it. A chain reaction?


Nigerian Oil (a Shell company) first used an early version of The Argenti System way back in 1984. They must have thought it did some good because, 14 years later, they bought another (updated) edition in 1998.



— Managing Director, Birmingham International Airport



"A Clear, logical approach of major benefit...""

— Director of Corporate Planning, ASDA Stores