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September 2009

In response to the worldwide demand for The Argenti System we are delighted to announce the appointment of three organisations that will provide support to our Clients in the USA, Ireland and the United Kingdom.
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July 2008

Agreement between Argenti and BQF

Under an agreement between Argenti and The British Quality Foundation, Argenti undertook to support the aims and interests of the BQF. The British Quality Foundation is Europe's largest corporate membership organisation promoting performance improvement and excellence; see

Argenti is proud to join the ranks of the well known firms who provide the wide range of best practice and performance improvement services to the members of this prestigious organisation.

June, 2008

Argenti are pleased to announce the appointment of The Barrington Consulting Group as Agents for Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory. They will be responsible for marketing The Argenti System of Strategic Planning and offering facilitation support services to organisations that want a fast track implementation.

See Articles for further details.

March, 2007

New Versions of the Argenti System now available

Three new Versions of The Argenti System were added early this year. While the original Version remains the Standard version for the vast majority of companies, some companies face specific problems in strategic planning including, for example, family disagreements in the case of smaller businesses. A quite different problem appears in some of the larger, more complex Groups - that of administrative complexity. These are some of the issues that these new versions address in The Groups Version and in The Smaller Companies Version.

Of even greater significance, though, the new Version for NPOs is of special interest. NPOs have a host of problems which companies do not face - quantifying their corporate performance being an obvious one - and these are discussed at length in the new NPO Version (See Purchase).

May, 2006


Simplot Australia had developed a strategic planning process and had used it successfully for several years, resulting in significant change of direction for the company. Despite this success we felt the need for a process that might produce a sharper, more focused result. The earlier strategy was a little too complex and somewhat difficult to communicate widely in the company. We used the Argenti approach to refresh and validate the strategies. Using a more focused and defined process resulted in an improved and sharper set of strategies. While the Argenti System is very logical and disciplined, it can be effectively adapted to the specific needs of each company, provided key concepts are thoroughly accepted. These include the concepts of focus (the rule of only six strategic elephants) and placing emphasis on getting relevant evidence for the SWOTS. This produces a more focused strategy that is easier to communicate and execute.

— Mike Reed, Chief Strategy Officer for Simplot Australia

Australian Financial Review recognizes popularity of Argenti system as key management tool for organizing your strategy.

October, 2005

"The Zambian Electricity Supply Company (ZESCO) a government owned utility employing over 3000 people were advised by the World Bank to adopt a commercialisation strategy. The Zesco Management Team used the Argenti process and Argenti Planning Facilitators to produce their strategic plan. The planning process was embraced enthusiastically by all levels of management and succeeded in formulating a plan that was accepted by the World Bank, thus releasing funds for major investments." (See More…Articles)