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We are always looking for people to join us from anywhere in the world, especially:

  1. Independent Business Advisors/Consultants
  2. Firms of Management Consultants of any size
  3. Organisations who need to do strategic planning

As you will see from this website, The Argenti System is a five-Stage process designed to deliver a set of practical strategies for companies and NPOs. Because this process is so simple to follow it may be used entirely in-house by an organisation’s own top management team. But organisations often gain additional advantages by inviting an experienced outsider to guide their planning team through this process. We are looking for experienced people such as consultants, advisers, accountants to act in this role.

1. Independent Business Advisors/Consultants

Join us and become an approved Argenti Planning Facilitator (APF). An APF is an individual consultant or adviser who works on his own or with just a few colleagues and who is licensed to use The Argenti System with his clients. Candidates need to have had considerable experience of dealing with clients at board level. Because we will show you how to use The Argenti System, you do not need to be an expert in strategic planning. Your experience could therefore be in any of the major management specialisms such as finance, marketing, human resource and so on. What matters is the length of your experience at the top level of companies or NPOs.

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2. Firms of Management Consultants of any size

We are looking for any firm of consultants, accountants, lawyers or similar, anywhere in the world, who would welcome one or more of their employees becoming APFs (see above) or to be granted a licence or a franchise to allow any or all of their qualified employees to use The Argenti System and to act as APFs. Or to act as our Main Agents in any relevant area or nation.

Such firms may be of any size whatever. They may already be specialising in strategic planning but may also wish to adopt The Argenti System on account of its superior performance with clients. Or they may not work in strategic planning but in, say, human resource, accounting, marketing – almost any management specialism. What matters is that applicants should be operating at CEO or board level and will have achieved a high reputation with their clients.

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3. Clients who should use The Argenti System

We always like to hear from any person, such as a senior employee or adviser, who is aware of any organization that seems to need a new strategic plan. Symptoms of this need would include a record of poor performance over the past few years or a declining market share, or perhaps an aging top management out of touch with the modern world.

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