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There are major advantages in inviting an experienced outsider for this role; the organization’s current consultant, accountant, lawyer - any person whom you respect and who knows your company or its industry or is skilled in strategic planning - could be ideal and would bring the following to the exercise:

  • Breadth of experience in many different types and sizes of organization
  • Independence of thought and therefore greater freedom to challenge all those ‘sacred cows’ which always infest management teams
  • Superior facilitation skills which are especially required for the all-day SWOTE Workshop
  • He or she will conduct the entire process thus leaving the organization’s internal staff greater freedom to engage in the process itself.
  • In the case of Argenti Facilitators they also have a detailed knowledge of The System and so your team will be able to move more swiftly and surely through the process.

As stated above, Argenti Facilitators are not permitted to advise on the choice of strategies. This is very much the task of the top executives; the job of the Facilitator is to assist the team to reach their choice in a thoroughly systematic, objective and professional manner.

We have trained and accredited a number of experienced consultants who will act as Argenti Facilitators for you. They bring a valuable additional advantage: they have already seen The Argenti System in action in a variety of organizations (See Contact). They are also highly skilled facilitators of the SWOTE Workshop.

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It gave us new focus and the impetus to drive change.

- Mike Saunders, divisional MD, Aalberts Group NV