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Key Strengths of The Argenti System

  • It is far more systematic than any other known scheme and is designed to bring into the strategy discussions everyone who can usefully contribute.
  • It pushes senior executives to contribute at the strategic level, where their input is most needed. Often this is the first time their opinion has been invited.
  • Because the planning team consists of the organisation's own top executives it results in a completely practical set of strategies.
  • Our Argenti Facilitators will take you through the process of introducing a formal, disciplined, system of strategic planning step by step. You can use it ‘in house’ next time you need to revise your strategies.
  • It is based on more than four decades of hands-on experience of introducing strategic planning into many hundreds of companies and not-for-profit organizations all over the world.
  • It shows you how to avoid the major planning mistakes that many organizations still make today such as Mission or Vision, not doing a Gap Analysis, failing to show risk in forecasts, and on and on.
  • Because of all these special features, it usually has a quite amazing effect on the morale of everyone concerned.

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The process is common sense and straight forward.

Chris Hardy, MD, City of Chester