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The Planning Team

The formation of a small, temporary, planning team is an essential feature of our process for all companies and NPOs. It should consist of the CEO who heads a team of his or her closest colleagues. This team should be very small no more than a total of 7 people. Later in our process the team is joined by other executives.

So important is this exercise for the destiny of every organization that Argenti recommends that a professional facilitator be invited to join the team. This person guides the team through the process to make sure the organization takes full advantage of the knowledge and wisdom that the System contains. What this facilitator must never do, however, is to advise the team on their choice of strategies. His knowledge of the organization will be far too slight; the decision-makers must always remain the CEO and the top executives. They will understand their organization better than anyone else in the world. Above all they will know what strategies will match its corporate ethos and what will not.

Under the chairmanship of the chief executive, and closely advised by an external Argenti Facilitator, the Team moves through a series of strictly programmed half-day meetings at approximately two-weekly intervals. The entire planning process can often be completed in a few weeks for small companies and a few months for larger ones.

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The process fosters a real sense of ownership and has a positive effect on morale...

- Michael Chaney, Wesfarmers ex CEO, now chairman of National Australia Bank