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The SWOTE Workshop

Here a number of additional managers join the planning team in a tightly structured discussion of a traditional list of SWOTs - but which ends in a very un-traditional way. This is where the discussion groups identify the ‘Strategic Elephants’ (see below) and then go on to consider Possible Strategies. This always proves to be an exceptionally productive occasion which will be remembered years later by all the participants as the moment when the first hint of a new set of strategies for their organization started to emerge.

By far the most effective way to put your strategies into operation is to generate the enthusiastic ownership of them by your management. Our long experience of facilitating these workshops in a wide variety of nations and corporate cultures means that, by following our detailed advice in The System, an extraordinarily high level of participation is usually achieved. This means that the people who will be putting your strategies into action - your top and middle managers - will do so with great enthusiasm. Without that element, many plans simply fade and fail.

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It is a good structured approach to strategic planning

- Dom Figliomeni, CEO Port Kembla Port Corporation