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The Argenti System of Strategic Planning

The Argenti System is a strategic planning process designed for use by organizations wishing to take their strategic decisions much more formally. It is robust, very strictly regimented, but avoids all unproven ‘advanced’ techniques. It is the result of four decades of continuing experience of introducing strategic planning into hundreds of organizations of all sorts and sizes around the world.

The Argenti System of Strategic Planning consists of three segments ‘The System’, ‘The Knowledge’ and ‘The Facilitators Guide’.

The first segment, the System itself, is divided into five clearly defined Stages which take you step by step through the process. While this allows a top team of executives to move through the process ‘in house’, we strongly suggest that users invite a skilled outsider to steer them through the Argenti process. We have learned a large number of lessons over the past decades unlike some ‘experts’ in this field! and we would be most disappointed if any user missed some of these lessons by not taking professional advice.

The Knowledge segment is a comprehensive glossary of techniques and suggestions reflecting decades of experience in successful strategic planning around the world

The Facilitators Guide defines the Facilitators role and responsibilities and acts as a checklist for the inputs and outputs at each Stage of the process.

A warning: companies facing severe financial problems should not attempt a strategic planning exercise - they should concentrate on solving the immediate crisis. The Argenti System is not suitable for organizations run by autocrats; it relies on and also rapidly develops teamwork.

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The Argenti System forced us to get crystal clear on where we wanted to get to and the key planks for getting there...

- CEO, Minter Ellison