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What will The Argenti System do for you?

Benefits of using a proven system:-

  • It helps you to quantify realistic growth targets and decide if current strategies will deliver acceptable results
  • It has a unique way of focusing effort on identifying the few strategies that have the best chance of success and greatest impact
  • Our network of Argenti Facilitators allows you to concentrate on the strategic situation and not be distracted by the process
  • This also makes the most effective use of the CEO's and Planning Team's time
  • The Knowledge section provides extensive and detailed guidance on concepts and tools
  • It shows you how to avoid the major planning mistakes that many organizations still make today

Benefits of developing a strategic plan by The Argenti System process

By the end of the project we would expect you to have determined the following:-

  • A Statement of Corporate Purpose, very short and to the point
  • Targets, Forecast and Gaps for the next several years
  • A SWOTE analysis, including the 'strategic elephants'
  • A set of strategies to deal with them, prioritised, co-ordinated and risk-tested
  • A concrete monitoring and review process

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Clear logical approach of major benefit...

- Director of Corporate Planning, ASDA Stores